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CAI - Long Island Chapter

What is CAI?

Community Associations Institute is a national, nonprofit 501 © (6) association created in 1973 to provide education and resources to America’s 231,000 residential condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations and related professionals and service providers. The Institute is dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations that promote harmony, community, and responsible leadership.

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster vibrant community associations and provide resources for a successful business strategy.

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Who Does CAI Represent?

CAI is a multidisciplinary alliance serving all stakeholders in community associations. CAI  members include board members from condominium, co-ops and homeowner associations, industry professionals such as attorneys, accountants, reserve specialists, and other providers of professional products and services for community associations. CAI has more than 40,000 members in 56 chapters throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries. The national office is located in Alexandria, Virginia.

How Does CAI Serve Its Members?

CAI advances excellence through seminars, workshops, conferences, and education programs, some of which lead to professional designations. CAI publishes the largest collection of resources available on community associations, including books, guides, Common Ground magazine, and seven specialized newsletters on community association finance, law, and management. CAI advocates community association interests before legislatures, regulatory bodies, and the courts. CAI conducts research and acts as a clearinghouse for information, innovations, and best practices in community association governance and management. CAI provides networking and referral opportunities through both the national office and local chapters, CAI-sponsored insurance programs for directors and officers and discounts on products.

To learn more about CAI or its membership application, please contact the Long Island Chapter office.

Christine M. Majid - Chapter Executive Director 

Visit the CAI National website at http://www.caionline.org/ to order publications, read articles of interest, view PMDP course information, and various related areas of importance.