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Long Island Chapter Community Associations Institute
Long Island Chapter Community Associations Institute

A Letter From Our President

Dear Members,
As part of my service as president of the CAI Long Island Chapter, I wanted to find an opportunity to support a charity in our community that is helping to bring significant benefit to our youth. Through life’s circumstances, I have become connected with a very special nonprofit organization that provides FREE, overnight, weekend bereavement camp programs for children, ages 7-17, who are coping with the loss of a parent/guardian, and/or sibling. This charity makes tremendous strides in supporting families and I would love to be part of it’s continued success. For children who have lost a parent/sibling, the grieving process is extremely difficult and can very much be like a roller coaster ride of emotions -- there tends to be lots of ups and downs, and it happens in short spurts. Through our support, we can help these children in receiving the proper support so they can grieve peacefully and properly.

• 1 in 7 Americans will lose a parent or sibling by the age of 20.
• In a study of 11 – 16 year olds, 78% stated that at least one of their close relatives or friends have passed away.
• 7 in 10 teachers (69%) currently have at least one student in their class who has lost a parent, guardian, sibling or close friend
• 75% say the pervading emotion they currently feel is sadness, with feeling angry, alone, overwhelmed, and worried being the top other emotions
• Teachers report that students who have lost a parent or guardian typically exhibit:
- difficulty concentrating (87%)
- withdrawal/disengagement and less participation (82%)
- absenteeism (72%)
- decrease in work quality (68%)
- less reliable as it pertains to schoolwork (66%)

I want to thank you and the BOD of CAI-LI for you support. Anyway form of support is greatly appreciated!


Eric B. Clemente