Virtual is the New Reality


In this ever changing and uncertain world, security must evolve to meet today’s challenges. Virtual operations and remote monitoring can be the solution that achieves these goals. Join us in a discussion on how advancements in technology can enhance security, while making it more cost effective and efficient. Click Here To Register

Best Practices for Providing Security Guard Services at Gated Communities


During this webinar we will be identifying and addressing best practices in setup, day to day operations, communication, and systems infrastructure using cutting edge technology to help your HOA receive affordable top notch security guard services, and the benefits to both the HOA & residents safety and property value in making sure this is being…

Fire Safety Prevention

Colder weather is on the horizon! With candles, dryers, and space-heaters being utilized more often, problems tend to arise. Our experts will identify what ACTION STEPS your Board will need to take if a fire does erupt. Who do you call? How do you calm your community residents? And what can you do as a…

All Things COVID – Webinar


Click here to Register Presented by CAMCO Service of NY Sponsored by: & Taylor, Eldridge & Endres, PC